Sunday, 14 October 2012

It's happened

My wife has found my lingerie. It was the questions most people go through, am I gay, a transvestite, etc. I tried to explain but I don't think I explained my feelings well, and she didn't understand . 4 days later we were discussing it again, I tried to explain again and this time she was more receptive to what I was saying.

I asked her, when was the last time I purchased male clothes. She does it for me. I'm always picking clothes out for her.

How many male friends do I have, the majority are women.

I explained about my beard, that it makes me feel like I'm showing that im a man, but i did agree to shave it off... Ready for razor burn !

I can't have kids, is all this signs that I shouldn't be in a mans body?? I don't know

I hope she understands better now. She did say I could wear my night dress at home, but I think that will be pushing it at the moment.

Oh, yeah, lost the password for this blog, this post is thanks to my iPhone !

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