Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lost forever

Nooooo... So Blogger have released a update to the app on the iphone. so, yeah, updated it, and what happened ? it lost the password. It got me so depressed, I was about to create a new blog and link to this one, when I thought I would try one more time, and this time, I thought I would try my normal "you must update your password" addition I usually use, and that worked. The feeling of relief is, well, its just soo strong, its indescribable. So, there we are, able to tell the world, but tell no one.

The saying, it helps to get things off your chest and tell someone is so true, although Im not telling anybody in particular, im telling you, the reader, which makes this more easy to, well, just makes it more easy for me to accept my feelings.

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