Sunday, 10 February 2013

I really shouldn't be here

I have a condition where as, if I need the toilet, I need it there and then.

It was one of those times yesterday.

I had been for a colour match, and this time they applied the foundation properly. I could really see a difference and it looked really good. So good, I asked them to do
My eyes too.

Then I had lunch and that set my tummy off.

I rushed to the toilets and when I had finished, I emerged from the cubicle in to a room full of men of all ages.

Wearing full makeup, and lingerie, although the top I was wearing was baggy so you couldn't really tell, but even so, it felt so wrong. I felt I shouldn't be there, in the men's toilets.

Looking in the mirror, there was no way I would pass as a female so the ladies toilets are out of the question too.

So... Thankyou medical condition ! Because I have this tummy problem, I have obtained a raydar key for access to disabled toilets, in case of emergencies...

I think that is going to be the way forward for now.

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