Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I'm still alive


I had my first consultation about hair removal on Tuesday. Girl, did that hurt, but on the other hand, I'm getting treatment which would normally cost in excess if £1000 free of charge, so, a little pain can be handled.

Otherwise, I'm doing good. My mother is still taking it badly and we have decided not to tell my father.

The two ladies I have been in frequent contact with about my transition, have stopped talking to me. In the sense that I get hardly any txt or phone calls. I feel it's due to conversations we had over my wife's birthday party... I miss the conversation and laughter... We will see.what happens...

So.. There we are for a quick update.

Oh yeah. Wife smiled for the first time on ages at the weekend. At last !!!

1 comment:

  1. Disappointed that the two supporters have not been as close of late. Maybe they won be away for so long - I hope so.

    As for your mum - sometimes it takes for them to see you happier before they understand how hard life was before. Acceptance often follows .....