Monday, 14 May 2012

Why not me ?

With out knowing ( I think, I hope ) my first girlfriend, who I kept in close contact with for many years after the relationship ended, said she once nearly tried out her make-up skills on me.

For years after, even now, I feel great sorrow that I didn't encourage her to do it.

Lately, I got a new job. The only woman there, lets call her Miss X, I can't describe how she makes me feel, even she has commented that she has put make-up on one of the other guys who worked there, just for fun.

Will the opportunity arise where she will put make-up on me? I hope so from the bottom of my heart. It wouldn't be hard to do, she cycles to work and gets changed at work so everything is already there, just need the occasion, the opportunity to rise. I hope so. Do I say something, or do I wait and see if the opportunity arises where I say oh go on then !!

Lets see what Miss X leaves around the office today, usually its lipstick or lip balm, in a bright red colour, occasionally with  face cream and eye lash curlers... hummmmmmmmm...

So, please, why not me ?

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