Thursday, 25 April 2013

Is that it ?

So, all my (wife's) friends have been td to call me Kimberley. On Monday I sent an email to the directors at work and said I will address the guys on office before my shift ends.

It was accepted very positively by all except for one young lad. The girls IM'ed me and said how brave I was and asked how it felt. Feel, it feels right, that I have put a wrong right at last.

And today, I saw the mental health guys, who couldn't find anything wrong !!! Such a good week !!!


  1. How cool is that !!

    When is your 'first' day ?

  2. I hope you are doing ok and are happy

  3. Hi. I hope you kept your wife by your side? I have the transgender experience and lived with my girlfriend in Munich, and then told her I couldn't take it anymore. I was nailed to the ground for months, and her support and love was a far more important component of my life as my dressing as a woman or not.