Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm not alone

Its true, Im not alone. I have decided to try and find advice, to see if my feelings are justified, or I have just a strong bond with / to femail feelings. The problem is now, that every time I go out, my wife comes with me. To the Doctors, shopping, you name it, she is there.

But today, today she went off to get some shopping while I went to another shop. I just happened to pass John Lewis, and yeah, ok, the Lingerie section.

Yep, in the past I have picked out some nice lingerie for my wife, which fitted better than the items she got herself, but this time, I was just looking. I have read that there are 200 denier tights available which would feel so nice, better I fear, than the pair of 100 denier I already have. So I was looking for a pair of those, and while looking around, I discovered strapless bras by wonderbra. They felt like they were made of a very stiff material, which, would make it appear that I had proper breasts, and not loose material. Time to save up I think...

For some reason today, the desire to wear my dress was so strong, it was all I could think about. Especially while watching women passing around town. It seems there is a high percentage of women who wear leggings. some, I feel, just did not look right, leaving nothing to the imagination. I think, a long shirt or shorts or something like that would make the "look" just right... So much that sometimes I feel I wish I didnt have this thing between my legs so it would be, well, just be right, and I could wear those clothes too.

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