Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Today was a good day

I spoke of her before, the girl at work, one of 3 women who work in an office of 20 men.

I spoke to her today, under the cover of my wife. We were talking about makeup, and just generally talking. I said that my wife has a eye liner pencil, and once its gone blunt, she wastes the rest becaue she doesnt have the right sharpner, which led on to where to get a sharpener from, and tips on how to sharpen it with out wasting the makeup so, yeah it was good. it was nice to be able to talk to her. I tend to shy away from talking to her incase i say the wrong thing, and I always wonder if i had said the wrong thing, but today was good.

We even got around to talking about my hair. It started by me asking her if I could have the rest of the day off, which is kind of a private joke between us - well, i think it is...  that went to, so i could play on my games console, to maybe wash my hair as its getting long. So I asked her opinion. She has long light brown hair, which she wears in a pony tail most days, and some times just with a hair clip to hold the back in place. She said she prefers long hair, and i would be mad to cut it especially as its getting near to winter. She suggested to keep growing it until spring, see how i feel then.

I just cant express how nice it was, to be able to talk about this. Ok, it may be a silly thing to talk about, but, it just felt so nice, being able to talk about it. My wife just wants me to cut it down to 16mm... its currently about 6 - 7cm long.

I almost came out to her, it was that close, but no. I think she would take it in her stride but it could be really bad if she took it the wrong way, and that could just make me feel, soo bad...

I did ask her if she minded if I kept asking her questions and things, she said she didnt mind so maybe, one day, the option will come up and I will tell her.

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