Sunday, 25 November 2012


Reading story's like this, makes me wonder exactly what I am. I have always looked to women to being my partner. Having a relationship with a man doesn't disgust me, but equally doesn't appeal to me.

I can't put what I want to say in to words, maybe the word disgust is too strong. I have thought about it, I mean I want to be a woman, and women partner with men . And the men I know. Well, no !


  1. It maybe that this might not come to pass but if you find yourself ambivalent now things could possible change if you end up on HRT. These days they are not all unappealing .....

    1. Thank you for your comments. You're right of course. There are men who well... Yeah, being in this body, I would prefer to look like them. But if I did, would I be following this path. I think I would. But everything is a state if mind. I'm at the point of trying to work out what mind I have. And at this point in time, I need to be a woman who wants a women.

      Again thanks for your comments as it forces me to justify my feelings to myself which I need to do before I can move on

  2. It's often that I find justification and understanding the hardest. It's like swimming in treacle ... each movement forward for me is less considered but more because the old position was deeply painful. I hope you find more enlightenment that I !

  3. Thankyou
    I had a chat with a friend. She put a really good spin on things. Imagine gender /sexuality is a scale. If your 100% then you're your 100% that gender, but if your 80% male for argument sake, then your 20% female. And it's a matter of working out for your self where on that scale you sit.

    I know I'm on the female side but how far, and what I'm going to do to fix it, is what I must establish and be sure of 100%

    I do know, after talking to her, I felt more at ease and comfortable in that frame of mind

  4. I have heard that before and it always troubled me as it always seemed (from a limited sample I grant you) that most people have no concept that they might be in the wrong body. Isn't the fact that we are so troubled (well I am anyway!) an indication that we are well over the 50% line. Still I guess that it's all down to whether we can live with it?