Sunday, 31 March 2013


My mother said yesterday that she thought it best if I didn't go over for Easter then she started talking about funerals ( they are both over 70 ) and how can I expect to go to their funerals as a woman.

When I first told my mother, I told her to talk to her doctor. The dr said there are two options, accept it or reject me.

I felt that she had rejected me. I know she had to fight to keep me due to medical issues when I was born, and at that moment in time on the phone, I felt she made the wrong decision 40 years ago, she should have let me go.

Then today, my wife called her and said what ever happens. I'm still her child. I'm still her family.

We had a exelent Sunday roast. All thanks to my wife.

And further more, my mother said it was a better day than she thought it could be, with me there.

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