Saturday, 15 December 2012

12 monkeys

Ok monkeys might be the wrong word but, 12 people know.

My wife spoke to her cousin and when she was asked if she was ok, she started crying. This is not unusual, however when questioned, the response, to talk to me, that was unusual. This went around the family like wild fire and I received a call from a close cousin. Close meaning she was aware of the problems we were having and was always there for me, although she is related to the wife's side of the family.

To cut a long story short, I showed them the web site I wrote to avoid this situation. All she said was oh wow. And wished me luck.

It didn't end there. That was around 4:30. We finished talking via text at 10pm. She made up a story to tell the family which went down like a lead balloon but, it should keep them off our back for the time being.

We discussed makeup tips, clothing, you name it, we discussed it.

I'm so greatful that so far everybody who have been told, have been so supportive.

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