Thursday, 20 December 2012


I told my sister today.

She laughed

I gave her the URL to my web page, and she said OMG your serious ... And she would never have known.

We discussed it briefly and she said in our generation. It's not unheard of, unexpected but not unheard of.

She thinks mum will understand but will take time to accept, dad will not understand, and my brother will think I'm taking the p***

So, if it comes to it, I think I will tell mum, alone, dad and bro can find out as I change...

I never, or, very rarely talk to my dad on the phone, and even then it's blunt, strait to the point and brief where as I talk to Mum for at lease 45 minutes every week...

So, my wife's family know. A member of my family knows...

I thought it was getting out of hand, too many people know, but it's so much, so so so much easier with people knowing. I feel at ease with them around...

Out of all the people we have told, 1 why did you tell me, 1 that's the friendship lost and the remaining 14 have been so supportive.

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