Thursday, 13 December 2012

You can talk to me

said my director. I have told him a few days ago that i will be seeing a councillor soon, and that i will try to arrange the appointments for when im working from home.

As we were talking, people were moving around talking to others, which left me alone with the company director. He said that his phone is always on, that i can call at any time, to chat about anything. he said that one employee left due to stress, and it turned out he just wanted to "bitch" about customers, which would have releived the stress, and he would have proberly remained employed.

He then said, in his experiance men try to fix things, and women want to "bitch" about things. If i ever needed to bitch about anthing then his phone is always on, and i could call at any time.

Nice of him to say, but.. hang on, women bitch and if i want to bitch about anything... ?? whos told him ? own up ! come on, tell me now !!

I tried to explain that it wasnt work related, but i thought if i said its a good thing, and with the long hair, varnished nails then he might have put things together... which i dont want just yet.

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