Thursday, 27 December 2012

They are so lucky

I mean the men, the women, who don't go through this.

I mean, what is it like to know your in the right body, the right sex ?

What is it like, being a man, not to want breasts ? The body, the figure, the bonding, Not to need to be accepted as the other sex, the other gender?

I have hidden these feelings so deep for so long. Only letting them out occasionally, when its safe, when I'm alone. It's frightening, how I'm feeling now.

Then, when I'm alone, and I don't explore my feelings, I get so depressed. So I have surrounded myself with games, videos, program's, all to keep me occupied, so I don't have time to think, to dress, to want me to be me. But in the back of my mind, it's always there, the adverts on tv, for that special dress, the makeup, perfume, always there, reminding me what I really want.

They are so lucky not to go through this, to want this.

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