Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My wife

She turned around and said she isn't in to women, that she doesn't want to go around with me if I look like a woman.

She said she doesn't think we will stay together if I went through with it.

I just hope the councelling for her works,

but, I was getting prepaired for getting divorced in a year as the reasons we are still together will have completed.

Our marriage was based on a promise. I promised to marry her if she resumed medical tests which has improved her quality of life, and now, we promised 5 years ago, to stay together due to financial commitments but they complete in about a year. So, I was planning this all to happen in a year, but she found my lingerie and I couldn't , wouldn't lie any more. So, yes, I don't want her to go, but on the other hand, I expected her to go in a year.

So, what do I do... Agh!!!

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