Friday, 7 December 2012

And down to earth

With a bump.

I have kept this a secret, for so long. The urge to act, look and be a woman.

The feeling of release, acceptance, when I told my friend, that alone was life altering.

So much, I made changes to my gamer profile, make me look more fem last night.

Today I asked if she noticed the changes, they were just small changes, if you really looked then you would see it.

She said it looks fine, nothing major, you wouldn't know, but to be careful how much i change things as some people won't be supportive and society has a long way to go before its fully accepted. And again she is right.

So here I am, eating fast food, alone, thinking what the next step is. How I should handle the questions about my long hair, you know. The usual stuff.

I wish the impulsive side of me wasn't so impulsive. But I'm so happy that I have found a friend. Who, as hoped, pointed out that I'm being stupid and to think about what I'm doing as once done, there's no turning back

Then a woman passes by wearing the exact clothing I want to wear and the circle starts again....

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