Saturday, 22 December 2012

Time is so slow

I have long hair, growing longer every day. I wear nail varnish and lynx for women deodorant daily.

The time reference refers to my wife. She is still not ready to see me in womens clothing despite the above, ok it's not much but it's there and she knows.

I was going to wear my bra today, one which actually fits me, but it appears that that my wife may have thrown it away, I expect, around the time when she found my lingerie and I came out to her

That was depressing. It took so long to find one which fitted and now I can't find it.

But it re-enforces that she is not ready. And I so want to purchase a gorgeous fleece like top, just for wearing in the house. Something I would be happy wearing In front of my parents...

Oh I want this to start. I want to be free to live the life I want

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