Sunday, 9 December 2012


After talking to Helen, I looked at the two recommendations again, but neither suggested gender issues so I was on the search for something.

About 1:30am I found this site, took down the details ready to call. The meeting place is actually located at one of the recommended venues, so they are kind of interlinked

Last nights sleep was very broken. Kept waking up, thinking how do I tell work, friends and more importantly, family.

I have a plan. I need to call these people first. Then I'm going to tell my sister, at Christmas, privately. I think she ( the tomboy she use to be ) would understand, and could prepare me and my parents for what is going to happen. Then work, as its a small company, I think it will be easier to tell my director, and as all the info I have read suggested, then let him handle the rest.

Yes, there's a woman still in the mirror but she's afraid. But it is something I must do, to prove to my self that either I am a woman, or a bloke in a dress.

I'm betting on the woman, especially after the feelings I have had in the last few days

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