Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The bitter after taste

So. Another restless night.

Did I do the right thing? Yes, it made me feel so at ease with myself, but there were things I wish I had said, things I couldn't believe I was saying, all to this kind woman who listened to what I was saying, and asked the right questions, stated the right statements at the right times.

I think she will be a great friend in helping me find the right direction, but the hug I felt I needed to assure me it was ok, didn't happen. I left relieved that I had someone to talk to, but also knowing that its unlikely this person is the person to show me how to walk, talk, put makeup on or dress.

Which, thinking about it now, is ok. I think, she is the type of person who will make me slow down and consider my actions before I make any mistake.

I know me. I know I will try to tell her everything. I will want to involve her in everything, for her valued opinion and support. I just hope she survives and out friendship is still intact at the other end.

And back to bed.

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