Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You must tell your parents!

Slowly slowly she is coming to understand.
Your not going to have you hair in a pony with me around .. Fair enough as she doesn't like that either.
Go and get it styled properly.! What ? Didn't expect that !

You have to tell your parents!
Right, stop right there. I explained the time had to be right. And that she only knows because she found my clothes and I didn't want to lie any more. I said that I had been planning to tell her soon, but she pushed my hand.

I think she understood.

She said they will know, the hair, nails. I said no one notices. I have been wearing nail varnish for a long time and pointed out she didn't know.

She said but that's clear. I think she understood when I said, I do it to make me feel more me, complete. Not to shout to the tallest steeple and tell everybody.

Friday will be interesting. Going for a meal where her friends ( who know ) will be there with their husbands...

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