Friday, 21 December 2012

Someone to talk to

3rd jan is so far away.

I feel so lonely at the moment. I had a type of apology from my wife's cousin's wife for allowing her husband, the wife's cousin, to tell the family.

All she said was she's pleased that my appointment came through and hoped I was still talking to her. And I lost it. I said I felt betrayed, lonely, you name it, Every way i felt, I said it.

She said sorry and the reason they did what they did. I said I felt disappointed and betrayed. And all he had to do Is say what he was going to do.

And she said sorry again. Each reply she sent, she said she was there for me. Which I really needed to hear. I mean, there are only 2 people who have seen me in my dress, who know me, the real me, she is one, Helen is the other. Both gave positive comments ... Which meant so much to me. Knowing I had someone to talk to.

Then the 'betrayal' happened and I needed them to reach out first.

Now the impulsive me has kicked in again and I so want to txt back about my day, about the clothes I want to buy, my hair, I even nearly very nearly got my ears perced... !!! Me !!! NO !!! Too TOO soon...

But I have my friend back.

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