Sunday, 30 December 2012


So. Unexpectedly, I have two women who want to take me shopping, one up near rugby, the other down near Brighton.

I have been told to save my pennies !

The wife said why do they want to take
Me shopping, she has no idea about what to do.

I opened the debenham's website and found a lovely purple blouse. Looking at it, it is ideal for wearing to work, the only difference is, it's purple, I have only started wearing coloured shirts in the last month, and it has long sleeves where for the last 2 years I have had short sleeves, and the buttons do up the other side...

Hum... The price is slightly out of my range but now she knows what I'm looking for, charity shops here we come. I'm quite excited. I emailed the cousin's wife with a link and she agreed it was the perfect starter blouse for me. I wonder if I will manage to get one to wear to the first meeting...

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