Thursday, 6 December 2012


I'm home alone so no better time to think about things and the direction my life is going.

So I thought I would put some music on.

Don Williams ? Maybe.

The stand - the man who won't be moved. Now this song means two things to me. I first heard it on my ex gf's birthday in June. It does describe me. I would be stood on the corner, waiting for her to reappear, but, I'm holding a picture of me. I would give anything to re-kindle the friendship I had, and on the other hand I'm on a journey to re-define who I am. So in a sense I'm going back to where it began.

Ok so I ended up with daft punk ! No ones perfect ;-)

It's actually funny, I'm thinking about when my parents found me in possession of what would be deemed as non manly items. The man to man chats I had with my father, which made me think of the last time I visited, when I put some deodorant on, he asked what is that smell, mother said its deodorant, to which he replied, don't use that stuff, come out the garage with me and help me work on the bikes, that will give you a proper manly smell...

Yeah... If only they knew

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