Saturday, 8 December 2012

hurray im normal

Define normal. Am I normal, are you ? Helen, yeah, thats what I will call my friend, Helen. So, I have deep conversations with Helen, she is adoreable, listens, and advises...

I came across this website tonight, which rearly is just repeating what Helen has discussed with me. hearing it from Helen first put my mind at rest, then reading this, just made me so greatful for having such a great, open minded friend. If only the rest of my friends will be the same, especially my wife, who strongly believes im a man and can not be anything else.

I have strong ideas how some of my friends will react, K, i think will laugh and not take it seriously. But, im sure, after time, they will come to understand.

The more i think about this, the more i see in my self that i am a woman, the way im considerate, sensitive, extreamly sensitive, i will do anthing to avoid confrontation and inflicting any pain in any form on anyone else.

Did I say i was sensitive ? I mean, this includes when i talk to people, i worry that i have siad the wrong thing, or its not been understood in the way intended.

But, Im normal, and Helen is there for me, who I beleive has a true understanding of what im going through.

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