Sunday, 30 December 2012


Wow, the support I'm receiving is unbelievable. Everybody except 1 person and my mother who is still coming to terms with it, have been so supportive. I mean there must be about 20 people who know now.

Two people in particular have been out of this world. Helen, who reads this blog, takes daily comments and advises on the ' important ' stuff, generally just let's me waffle on to her. To which I'm eternally greatfull.

But, my wife's cousin's wife, she has just been so supportive, it's.. I can't describe how supportive she is. But today, I was explaining how my wife has been, her answer was... Quote

Things happen for a reason and maybe it's for the best. you have to be true to yourself. She maybe finding it hard but you have been there for her for 20 years and never once gave up. if she leaves then she leaves. it sounds hard I know but being yourself and living free will be better than living the lie. think back to the beginning of these txt's when you were lost and scared to who you are now, open trusting people that you would never have thought to trust with your most inner feelings and still your trying to think of your wife.


I replied with, if I got devorced then I would loose a great friend, her answer was I'm being stupid, she's not going anywhere

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