Saturday, 8 December 2012

Thankyou dear wife

She made my day. I use body shop candied ginger body butter ( when I shave my chest / legs ) which she got me. ( although she doesn't know where I use it ) Anyway I'm running low so, as she got it for me, I said we need more.

So, body shop here we come. No, that range ended. So she's on the hunt now for something that smells slightly the same....

Boots... Yes madam, we have ginger body butter.

but that's for women.

Yes madam.

Where's the men's ?

We don't do body butter for men.

Oh, the body shop does. What do you do for men ?

This madam, non perfumed, scent free.

Oh, he wants something which smells of ginger or something similar


So outside the shop I laughed, and said the body butter she got me is women's and she is 100% convinced it's 'uni-sex'. It says so on the tub, she says...
Hehehe - no it doesn't ;-)

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