Friday, 21 December 2012

Time well spent

There are a good 15 people who know now. Today I was glad they did.

When I woke, my wife was already awake, I could tell she wasn't happy, actually she had tears.

We had a quick chat and I had to leave for work.

I txt 5 of the women I have spoken to, the close ones, asking them to call my wife, to make sure she is ok. Explaining what had happened with her friend and me. They were all to happy to call. One by one I received txt saying they had called, offered advice and listened to her concerns.

After the 4th, I called her and she sounded happy.

So the time I took (and money purchasing coffee and cake - especially the cake !) turned out to be priceless. I'm so glad she has these friends, who she can fall back on to help her when needed.

Now, I have another to tell, and this one should talk sense in to the neighbour who caused this anguish.

However, I guess I should get used to it, as there are going to be others...

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