Monday, 17 December 2012

Chinese whispers

There are about 12 -13 people who know. That includes 4 men. Out if the men, One states, what you have tole me doesn't make me think your a woman. Ok, so I might not be able to answer your questions how you want them answered but this is me. Another said out of all the men he knows then he thinks I would be the most feminine one, the third had a few questions but didn't want to pry which was ok, he was glad I didn't fancy him. The 4th, haven't spoken to him.

The women, it's like they welcome me with open arms. Each and every one has been supportive. There are 3 who I owe my sanity to, Helen, a relative on my wife's side and a friend of my wife. Between them they allow me to just waffle along talking about everything and nothing.

Earlier, When I got depressed, I was able to talk to one and then when she went, Helen was there to pick up the remaining bits and we played on the games console. Which took my mind off things until the wife got home.

I just want to let me out so badly, it hurts. It really does. But I have to consider if this hurt is more or is less than the hurt I might get from people who don't understand.

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