Saturday, 8 December 2012

On my mind

It must have been about 2000 when I found out that I couldn't have children.

We went for the normal investigations and apparently I have something wrong down there which is causing my brain to produce some kind of hormone, which has caused testosterone production to go in to overdrive, having the result of slightly under normal levels of testosterone .

The treatment, give myself testosterone shots, the down side, I would no longer produce testosterone and would be dependent on these shots. My thoughts , I could reduce the amount of shots and take the wife's birth control pills. However, she threw them Away as soon as we got home as, we'll, they were just a motion, they weren't required. So that idea went out the window...

What transpires is. Through puberty, the testies exit the body and continue to grow in the scrotum. However, if you push them back inside your body so you can move things around to make you look flat, more woman like, then they grow malformed, hurt for the rest of you life and remove the chance of getting children.

Helen, hope your not reading this bit.. Actually, I hope you are. I said before, I believe close friends should know everything about each other. I wouldn't know how to start, telling you some of this stuff, and I would feel so strange if suddenly came out with all this stuff, you know, and then this and then that happened, which meant this.. See what I mean ?

Dear me... Sat on the loo at 9, it's now 10.09... No wonder why I have pins and needles in my legs !!

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