Saturday, 29 December 2012

A good day for me but...

Went to swap presents with the wife's auntie. Nothing was said for 15-20 minutes then while opening presents, a war story book, she said if she had known about my problem, then she would have got a more girly type book. Problem ? Made me smile. Then the questions started, nothing too deep, but then the wife started saying what she felt and the whole conversation changed to trying to put my wife at ease. Their idea about what was going on was spot on. And what they were telling my wife was spot on too, although my wife wasn't listening.

It was a good start.

So then we went to her cousin, and when the husband left to watch the football, I took in to a different room and told her.

What followed was unexpected. She had a go at my wife. She really laid in to her. Why are you saying this, why are you saying that, it's not going to happen tomorrow, etc etc. then she said your hoping / expecting this to be a fantasy and it will be over soon. But it won't. This is how it's going to be. Stop looking at options where you remain the woman and he (me) remains the man. It is not an option !!! She said this time and time again in response to answers my wife was giving.

Then she said it could be fun, to go shopping together. Wife said what, and he changes in the woman's changing rooms ? No, purchase a selection of clothes and try them on at home. Then she looked at me and said if the wife won't, then she will go clothes shopping with me...

The hug when we left came with a whispered well done and be strong.

Thanks !

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