Thursday, 20 December 2012

That's the end

My wife is very close to two neighbours, over the past couple of weeks they have become very concerned. I said previous that she gets tearfully and again she wouldn't say why.

So they assumed either I have met someone else, I'm gay, devorce etc etc.

to stop this my wife persuaded me to go over and tell them.

C - that's it then.
Me - sorry ?
C - I have seen this before. If you do this, then you will get divorced and move away
Me - oh
C - there must be something I can do to stop you changing
Me - not really
C - there must be something. I don't want to loose your friendship.....

We called the second neighbour down and told her
K - right... So, when you get dressed up, give me a call. And we will go out on the town.
C - but they are going to get devorced
K - ? Are you ?
Me - no plans
K - so what's the problem,
C - I've seen it before, this is what's going to happen
K - oh. Right... Have you seen the rocky horror show ?
Wife - the what
Me - no but would love to
K - next time it's in town, we will go...

So... What a contrast in options... Great !

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